Representing Robroy in North and South Carolina

For over 100 years Robroy has been the industry leader in protecting electrical infrastructure in the harshest environments.  Robroy has built a reputation as the marquee brand in specialized raceway products.  A growing concern has been placed on food safety and the prevention of both corrosion and contamination.  We understand the significant risks involved which could result in fines, fees, and products recalls.  This is why Robroy Stainless has developed the first electrical infrastructure system designed to specifically address these concerns and minimize both corrosion and contamination. When determining the proper conduit system to be used it is critical to understand the environmental conditions as well as the appropriate standards.

Robroy’s innovative design takes corrosion resistance and contamination elimination to a new level.

Plasti-Bond offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings and accessories to provide resistance to corrosion for your electrical raceway systems in the most demanding environments.  PVC coated conduit as well as our PVC coated fittings come with a standard 40 mil PVC coating on the exterior and a 2 mil urethane coating on the interior. The conduit and fittings are available in both rigid steel and aluminum.  Additionally, we are the first within our industry to carry the UL 1203 listing on our line of hazardous location fittings; including sealing fittings, outlet boxes, EC series flexible couplings, and unions. 

Plasti-Bond is not simply a product — it is a key link in a raceway system designed to beat the high cost of corrosion damage.

ROCKET RACK is a factory fabricated Sanitary Support System for Conduit & Process Piping. It is specially designed for use in Food & Beverage Manufacturing Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Consumer Goods Manufacturing Plants, Cosmetics Manufacturing Plants—any project where sanitary installation is required. Our support racks are engineered to withstand heavy loads. The ROCKET RACK’S patented slot design allows for lines to be added in the future quickly and easily. The slot also permits fine adjustments, assuring a perfectly-straight conduit or pipe run. Sleek lines, radius corners and a buffed finish create a beautiful installation, suitable even for high-end residential or commercial projects featuring an open ceiling design.
Featured Product

LB Hygienic Conduit Body

Robroy Stainless Steel hygienic conduit bodies are designed to withstand harsh corrosive environments. Conduit bodies are 316 stainless steel and are used to change the direction of conduit and make wiring pulls and connections. Hygienic conduit bodies come with a cast stainless cover, a FDA approved silicone gasket and sure stop hex screws. All female threads include a FDA approved silicone circular gasket.