All FRM offices and warehouses are currently open.  Call us with any questions or concerns.   
We are committed to providing you information as we get it – below are the latest updates from our manufacturer partners.

Covid 19 Update 


Does not currently expect any delays in shipping products.  They have sourced raw materials appropriately and expect to keep up with demand during this time.


Cantex has taken a safety stock position on some materials to insure the best service possible.  Calls may not be immediately picked up as people are working from home and staggered schedules, but all will be responded to.

Conex Cable

Conex has been deemed an “Essential Critical Infrastructure” and are working, they have significant inventories to support operations and their suppliers have assured Conex of their continuing support without disruption


Appleton, EasyHeat, OZ/Gedney and SolaHD are following all best practices to keep all employees safe.  They are considered an essential business and will continue to ship product and keep manufacturing facilities running. 

Federal Pacific

Federal Pacific is fully functional, producing and shipping product without disruption.   They are committed to keeping the nation’s power grid going.  

Hammond PS

Hammond has been deemed an “Essential Critical Infrastructure” and are working with suppliers and freight lines to ensure product and supplies are able to cross the borders, at this point there is no slow down in available material.  


HellermannTyton is taking every precaution to protect their employees and implemented a business continuity plan.  They have taken actions to ensure continued service and supply.  Operations is working around the clock to ensure this continues for the duration of this event. 


Hydro’s facility in St. Augustine, FL is running as normal – they will continue to update as needed. 


All plants and operations are running at high levels of
productivity, within the guidelines currently in place to keep people protected.


Ilsco is running as an essential business to the electrical infastructure and plans to remain open and running.  They are asking to keep them up to date on jobsites and customers that may not be accepting deliveries – please keep us all posted on the status of your delivery acceptance policies.


Headquarters is in IL, so Kingwire is awaiting news if they are considered a necessary business and can stay open.  Warehouses are up and running and they will be able to ship out products. 


Putting procedures in place to limit interaction, keeping associates in the facilities safe and healthy.  Otherwise production continues as usual.

LS Cable

Monitoring the situation and are prepared for employees to work from home if deemed necessary.


Milbank is considered an essential business and continuing manufacturering.  They are  are working overtime in their factories to work through backlog and do not expect any shortages of materials. 


Nucor has implemented many precautions to ensure all employee’s safety.  They have dug in and done the due diligence to ensure that product is available and ready to ship.  They continue to evaluate and keep us updated.  


All orders must have name and contact info for all orders to confirm delivery.  All returned orders because of closed site will be charged 25% restocking fee to the distributor.  Orders can be delayed with 72 hour notice.  


Running as normal, continue to watch and will update with any necessary changes as needed. 

Service Wire

Service Wire has been classified as a critical manufacturer and will continue manufacturing in their locations. They have suspended copper adjusted pricing until further notice. Quotes will be valid for one day and are subject to changes at any time.

TE Connectivity

TE is continuing to take every precaution to keep their employees safe, and continuing to manufacturer and provide product as needed 

Tork (NSI)

NSI factories are up and running, they are an essential business and will keep things running and producing product. 


Facilities are running and product is being distributed.  Will keep us updated as any changes arise. 

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